Star Trek – Let That Be Your Last Battlefield

“Roddenberry may have been a big-deal progressive, but I never heard of him giving a dime to the civil rights movement. Now I don’t know what his personal attitude was, ’cause he was always talking about the perfectibility of mankind— which is bullshit— and talking about equality, but it was a very awkward kind of liberalism, as evidenced by that stupid episode where people are painted half white and half black — the kind of heavy-handed, wannabe liberal thing that embarrasses anyone who has true feelings about racism” – Harlan Ellison

Neika The Chameleon Stalker

I drew this to try out Clip Studio Paint, because Photoshop became too expensive and also screw Adobe. CSP is way better so yay. This is Neika from the graphic novel I completed a while back and still haven’t done anything with.