A rainbow marks clear skies after a storm, and is a symbol of beauty and pride, but wearing every colour all at once is a costume, rather than an outfit. But maybe that’s not a problem. Maybe costumes ARE the new outfits. Maybe we should all turn up at work wearing our comicon cosplay. It would certainly make the days more interesting. Go forth with costumery I say!



Rainbows are joyful, colouring the sky after a storm, and bringing the promise of a pot of gold at their metaphorical end. Rainbows represent pride and diversity, and unity within that diversity. Yet rainbows are also chaotic, with everything happening all at once. So much colour can be overwhelming and seem unfocused.


If you wear all the colours of the spectrum at once you’ll appear juvenile at best, unhinged at worst. Yet it can still be done artfully, though certainly one must maintain a playful spirit. A striped sweater is the obvious, safe choice, and rainbow suspenders can add panache to an otherwise monochromatic outfit, but why not take it a step further and bring in something more bold? Because you won’t be taken seriously, that’s why. And there’s nothing more important than the opinions of other people.