Yellow, orange, and green

Green is cool, but its fun factor is ramped up when mixed with orange and yellow, which both sit on the warm side of things without getting too hot. All together there is an ease to this colour combination, perhaps because each colour transitions into the next on the spectrum. Truly, this combination is citrus personified – summery, sunny, and whimsical while maintaining a certain sourness, thus preventing the whole thing from being too cute to tolerate.


Black, red, and yellow

Yellow is sunshine, but red is fire. Black is power but red is command. Red and black together can be jarring because they compete, both trying to be dominant. But yellow tempers them both with a little whimsy, and a little fun. All together they are bold, but playful, and authoritative, but friendly.


Yellow and pink are united in hope

Yellow and pink are perhaps the two least appreciated colours on the spectrum. Yellow because it is too bright and optimistic to be taken seriously, and pink because it is associated to femininity and therefore derided. What does it say about our society that what is sunny, uplifting, good, and kind is also rejected? It’s safe to say that yellow is unpopular because it is so eye-catching. People are afraid to wear it because they are afraid to draw attention to themselves. Isn’t there something tragic about that? And what of pink, which also frightens people? Men avoid it because they are afraid of being seen as feminine, but even women often avoid it for the same reason. Why is our society so negative, so harsh, so cruel and cutting? Why can’t we combine two symbols of goodness and be proud of that pairing? Most people love summer, yet still avoid these icons of sugar and sunshine. Let us triumph in our caring, uplifting tendencies, and wear both yellow and pink with pride!

Purple and Yellow just wanna have fun

Purple doesn’t mess around. It’s serious and regal and not to be trifled with. Even as a demure pastel it is still authoritative and calm. But yellow is so joyful and bright that it turns a pairing with purple into a whimsical adventure. Purple and yellow are the colours of Easter, which suggests spring and renewal, but also the fun of an egg hunt and overindulging in chocolate treats. Do not resist this journey, allow yellow to lead you into a rousing escapade, while purple pretends not to be impressed, but secretly smiles with amusement.


Yellow is kind


Yellow is kind,
The taste of yellow is sweet,
warm, soft,
hardly even sour.
The sound of yellow is melody,
musical chairs.
The feel of yellow is smooth,
warm, soft,
hardly even prickly
Yellow is bright,
Good and nice.

Yellow, Orange & Green


Yellow as an oppressively sunny day

Too hot to let the kids go out and play

Orange as a jungle gym at rest

Helicopter parents want the best

Green as the newly enlivened leaves

Bursting from the trees that make me sneeze

All together citrus mostly sour

The colours of the season that’s most dour



Blue, Pink & Yellow

I’ve worn this blue, pink, and yellow outfit in the wild before and have been accused of dressing like a box of Crayolas. To that I say, jealous?!



As far as I’m concerned this outfit is cute and fun. Juvenile, yes, but to those who would accuse a 40-year-old woman of being too old to pull off something so playful and twee, I would say there’s no age limit to joy.


In conclusion: can I live?!

Black, Yellow & Red

Whenever I go to my local hot dog resto I like to wear a black pleather mini with a yellow tank and a red cardi.


The skirt says I’m hot to trot, while the shoes say I forgot I broke the right heel about a year ago and now I can barely stay upright.


The wide-brimmed hat says it’s that time of year when it’s super sunny but not excessively warm, hence the cardigan which is office-appropriate enough to fill out a TPS report, while the tank top assures you I’ll do so with a sunny disposition.




Yellow is a complicated colour. It is bright, luminous, and evokes thoughts of sunshine and flowers. It stands out as the lightest colour in the spectrum, which is why it’s used in pedestrian crossings, but this lightness also makes it weak. In terms of pigment, it is the colour you must put down on the canvas first. You can’t paint yellow over other colours because the other colours will show through (unless you spackle it on incredibly thick).


While yellow is vibrant and enthusiastic, and almost every culture associates it with sunshine and happiness, in the western world it is nevertheless the colour of cowardice. Yellow is also an indicator of sickness. As someone with anemia, my skin, and the whites of my eyes, are slightly jaundiced, and as such I cannot wear yellow without the risk of looking increasingly sickly. But while I cannot pull off an entirely yellow ensemble I can still accessorise with yellow, such as with this yellow purse. I’ve even started wearing gold jewelry in my old age, whereas as a youngster I only wore silver. (I used to associate gold jewelry with old ladies and gangsters but I guess now I am an old lady so there you go). In this pic I’m wearing my Fluttershy outfit. Like me, Fluttershy at first appears meek and gentle, but when pushed she becomes a force to be reckoned with.