Blue and red are a power couple

It’s safe to say that blue and red are the two most important colours in the spectrum. Along with yellow, they make up the primary colours, but yellow is so bright and cheery that it rarely gets to take center stage with its peers. Blue and red on the other hand, are both basic, standard, ever-present, but never disrespected for this ubiquity. They are both well liked, and well used, though are complete opposites. Blue is cold, red is hot. Blue is calm, red is passionate. Blue is soothing, red is seering. When used together they somehow evoke the cheeriness of yellow without its childishness. Blue’s coolness tempers red’s fiery nature, and red’s brightness elevates blue’s sedate nature. Elegant, respectful, bold, admirable – paired up, it’s safe to say, they are power personified.


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