3 thoughts on “Star Trek – Mudd’s Women

  1. And in the superfuture men who work with their hands are so dumb, dirty & horny as a result of being poor that they cannot think clearly. They cannot be good people because poors are bad at capitalism & have to sell their bodies to dumb, dirty men in exchange for a meager sense of security. I kind of think every guy on board TOS Enterprise is a mook (except for Spock ordinarily. He’s Mr Dreamy when he is not avoiding eye contact with victims of human trafficking) but the miners all look & act like stereotypical borderline criminals. I’ve argued with many older school Trekies that although I like the Trek Roddenberry was not all that. But in 1960 something this was thought of as a kind of progressive.

    I post your work at a ST Facebook group for progressives. There are others out there. Please take care.

    1. I can see how it was progressive for the time, and every episode, even the worst ones, have something good to say. But they should still be taken to task for their problematic aspects. And Roddenberry was definitely a perv, regardless of his idealism.

  2. And the built in knowledge that this is what was progressive in the 1960s coupled with your jokes is what make these fun. Thanks.

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