2 thoughts on “Discovery S03 E06 – Scavengers

  1. Grudge: Meow! Meow meow meoooow!!!

    Burnham: Oh no, now even the cat is singing that mysterious melody!! :O


    Tilly: Captain, if you don’t report Burnham’s absence to Admiral Vance, he’ll take away our new holodeck!!!

    Saru: Not only will I report her, I’ll personally recommend to Vance that she be locked into a room filled with Ceti Eels, Centaurian slugs, and parasitic ice while being injected with Borg nanoprobes.


    Vance: Ok Burnham, I have totally got to see this guy. Must be a hunk for you to willingly throw yourself into a court martial over huh? Ok I pulled up his file. Gee, why does he look like Manchester Black from that ancient 21st century Earth series Supergirl?

    Saru: What do we do with Burnham now?

    Vance: I’m feeling nice today. No court martial, no brig, not even a demotion. Once she’s undergone what I have planned for her, she won’t even remember who Cleveland Booker is.

    Saru: Starfleet does forcible brain alterations and memory erasures now?

    Vance: You must have spent way too much time with Section 31 back in the 23rd century, Saru. Lt. Willa, Burnham is to be confined to Holodeck 5 for 48 hours. She’s allowed to simulate whatever she wants except this Supergirl villain lookalike.

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