5 thoughts on “Picard S03 E08 – Surrender

  1. Yea! You’re back!

    This is all starting to flesh out like the SW sequels filtered through a Wrath of Khan remix. Unknown son of captain also has unknown superpowers through unknown means. Way way too much pew pew and dumb dumb.

    Marina Sertis really did do what the entire thing hasn’t been able to which is to say lean in and care. Worf embracing and also gushing over love lost was a little too close to home. And back from death yet again I would love to see Data recast and live 1000s of years, committed to and carrying the knowledge of being human as only an outsider gone native can do (apparently if a character dies enough i go from rolling my eyes back to caring again). If they’re going to be overdramatic and ridiculous let’s go full bore!

    Ultimately I am sad, very sad, Beverly had very little to do save demonstrate the Bechtel test over and over again. Without another male character she didn’t do anything that couldn’t have been duplicated otherwise. It took most of the series for Marina Sirtis to show up, and Seven’s lines were for no good reason largely bumped by having to include the new douche captain, who again, behaves as little more than a plot / exposition place holder and little else. Could have easily been killed episode one, scene one and nothing is lost because his character is hardly a gain. KidCrusher is the actual Mary Sue, showing up and is immediately front and center without enough development to care. Yet I feel they are setting him out for their own modern franchise free of having to pay the Roddenberrys more money for reusing their characters. Again, going the whole sw sequels route rather than delving into established stories and peoples. In my opinion.

    You know, I think I am glad of your comics most because I can complain and it be understood as qualitative, not just griping. I think, I want Woke Trek. I -want- female leads, i -want- queer folk leads, more people of color as leads etc. I don’t want it done awkwardly and terribly, plot and character development forced through dumb action tropes. I think Discovery actually does a disservice to these groups because of it, rather than taking all of the time to develop them in new and unique places and circumstances. It is a cursed bore. So thank you for the fun. And the fun, great well done work.

    Waiting through the conclusion of The Adventures Professor Hugo Farnsworth Ride Again, Unfortunately

    1. My favourite of the new Treks is Lower Decks, because it has legit stories but also acknowledges all the nonsense that exists in Trek. So much silly stuff has happened in serious Trek that all we can do now is joke about it. I love Trek, but turning it into a comic each week is basically my coping mechanism – my way of preventing myself from getting angry about it.

  2. I really wish they hadn’t given Data the emotion chip in the movies; to me, it devalued his TNG character growth. As far as I’m concerned, Data did have emotions the whole time. He had morals, and values, and goals, and compassion, and personality. He never needed anything else to be a whole being.

    This PIC episode not only doubles-down on that erroneous (IMHO) interpretation of Data; it also ignores that Data did have human-style emotions in the movies, and so none of his more jocular behavior should really be surprising to the rest of them.

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