6 thoughts on “Picard S03 E09 – Vox

  1. It was a really fun episode to me. Dick captain whatever bit the dust and it moved along at a nice pace and everyone was working together not sad mad glad but glad to be working together again. The most difficult thing humans ever tried in motion again. Working MFing together. I was a -little- mortified by the entry of TNG Enterprise. Like your ex showing up in their prom clothes that, with the passing of enough time doubled as period dress. The maroon was there. The beige was there. It was clearly so much bigger which was fine. But all it made me do was realize how much I still miss Majel’s voice as Computer. There is no reason that cannot be a through-line from things past to present to future. Without her it feels less fun and empty. Just like we need those weird bridge sounds on the OG Enterprise. Anyway. People working together rather than Picard or Burnham running around and solving all the problems. I want an ensemble cast. The example of people working together. That’s the future I want.

  2. Worf: What happened to the Enterprise E was not my fault.

    Riker: Which Klingon politician did you try to kill this time? Martok? Emperor Kahless?

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