Green & Orange

Green and Orange are really good friends, even though in many¬†ways they’re opposites. Green is introspective and mature, while Orange is a ray of sunshine who just wants to have fun.


Orange never overthinks things, while Green is extremely contemplative. Yet Orange is also rather accommodating and is happy to follow Green’s lead. Orange works great as an accent in an outfit that is dominantly Green, but Orange is also always available to steal the spotlight, and sometimes does so inevitably because she’s loud and impossible to ignore.


Some might find Orange too loud, too overwhelming, and for that reason they appreciate Green’s presence, as a stabilizing and calming influence on Orange. But Green doesn’t try to overshadow Orange, and couldn’t even if she tried. Even just a pop of Orange is enough to remind people that she’s there. Orange will not be ignored, and Green is happy to ¬†have her there because she’s so supportive as a friend. Together they are like yin and yang, complimenting as much as they contrast.


Last week we saw Green hanging out with Pink, but when Pink went clubbing after a fun day out, Green went home to hang out with Orange. Orange was happy to welcome Green, and together they watched TV while talking about their respective days. Orange wasn’t jealous about Green’s friendship with Pink, because Orange had her own thing going during the day, with Blue. Oh, the adventures they had! Tune in next week to hear all about it!

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