Pink and grey are chill but judgemental

Grey is cool, crisp, and content and fully unconcerned. It is pleased to listen to both sides of an argument without ever taking a stance one way or the other. Pink, on the other hand, is prickly and opinionated, and very much invested in whatever is happening at any given moment, though it won’t always voice its concerns. By paring a bold, fiery pink with a steady, smokey grey, it will be clear that you too are one with varied, steadfast opinions, and a mind of your own, though the exact nature of those opinions will remain shrouded in mystery.


2 thoughts on “Pink and grey are chill but judgemental

  1. shades of grey: Charcoal is VERY Strong, pastel pink is wishy washy but Florescent pink to me is a real statement–smile kmh

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