2 thoughts on “Discovery S03 E13 – That Hope is You Part II

  1. I just learned that about what happened to Grace Lee Whitney. Holy shit talk about retcon of the entire series creation mythology. Like Stan Lee I cannot stand the mythos built around these people. As if the false narrative built around them is the sacred truth & anything outside of it is blasphemy.

    I love Star Trek. The show has obviously improved since TOS but was good enough to live on for years before TNG. Episodes of TNG are still great at times despite (and sometimes because of) the corny set & costumes. Coupled with the so called Golden Age of TV there is no excuse for some of the really stupid plot & character beats on Discovery they can’t seem to stop doing. I love Adira but couldn’t they have found a better way for Gray to be “seen?” It strains both the credulity & the metaphor but nah I must hate those characters for saying so. It is because I want Star Trek to continue pushing the boundaries that I would hope that when they do it isn’t so dumb that it is a distraction.

    PS the Na’var came back because when she was there her awesomeness accidently reestablished diplomatic ties with them. She would have accidently done it sooner but she had one hand tied behind her back at the time. What if John McClain were Captain Kirk but also accidently a diplomat like Picard? It strains credulity. Thank you for the fun cartoon & smart humor. Can’t wait for season 4!

    Cluck cluck! Double finger gun pew! pew! Let’s fly! Groan

    1. Thank you for your comments. We seem to be on the same page. A lot of people seeing my recaps seem to think I’m a hater just because I critique/nitpick, as though that isn’t what nerds have always done with the stories we love.

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