Lower Decks S3 E07 – A Mathematically Perfect Defense of a Mathematically Perfect Redemption

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…this idea of thinking about the human history as the process of extracting balls from a giant urn. This giant urn represents possible ideas and discoveries. Technologies that can be realized in this world and throughout history, we have put our hands into this urn and pulled out one idea after another. And so far, all these balls that we have extracted from the urn have been white or grey, meaning they have been beneficial or maybe, in some cases, a mixed blessing.
So our strategy so far seems to be to just hope that the urn doesn’t contain one of these black balls. Because if there is one, and we keep pulling out balls, eventually we will find it.

THE END…. of everything?





*Just a note to say I don’t typically recap Lower Decks because why mock something that’s already funny, but I just couldn’t let this brilliant episode go by without acknowledgement.

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