Black, red, and yellow

Yellow is sunshine, but red is fire. Black is power but red is command. Red and black together can be jarring because they compete, both trying to be dominant. But yellow tempers them both with a little whimsy, and a little fun. All together they are bold, but playful, and authoritative, but friendly.


Red, white, and blue

Red, white, and blue are a classic colour combination. Red and blue are primaries, and when used together are associated with the most iconic of superheroes, and therefore stand for truth, justice, and whatever way is currently held in good standing. Together with white these colours evoke purity and goodness. Nothing nefarious could be stirring in the mind of someone wearing such a wholesome combination, right?


Red and Purple are in charge

Red is bold, purple is regal. Red is passionate, purple is arrogant. Red is powerful, purple is authoritative. These colours are right next to each other on the spectrum, and purple syphons all of red’s dynamic energy while borrowing some of blue’s serenity to emerge with undeniable sovereignty. Together, red and purple are are potent mix. Striking, brave, undeniable, impossible to ignore, and in full control. Do not try to compete, as you will lose.


Blue and red are a power couple

It’s safe to say that blue and red are the two most important colours in the spectrum. Along with yellow, they make up the primary colours, but yellow is so bright and cheery that it rarely gets to take center stage with its peers. Blue and red on the other hand, are both basic, standard, ever-present, but never disrespected for this ubiquity. They are both well liked, and well used, though are complete opposites. Blue is cold, red is hot. Blue is calm, red is passionate. Blue is soothing, red is seering. When used together they somehow evoke the cheeriness of yellow without its childishness. Blue’s coolness tempers red’s fiery nature, and red’s brightness elevates blue’s sedate nature. Elegant, respectful, bold, admirable – paired up, it’s safe to say, they are power personified.


Red is power


Red is power,
The taste of red is spicy sweet, hot,
little valentine hearts.
The sound of red is loud,
a blast, a blow, lasting.
The feel of red is hot,
prickly, difficult to touch.
Red is control,
smart, self-centred, selfish, desired.
Potentially evil.

Red, White & Blue


Red is power, dynamic. Blue is cool and controlled. White is innocent purity. The whole aims not to withhold.

A hand held in both strength and friendship. Seen on flags and logos alike.

Warmth and detachment in tension. Maintaining the boldness to strike.

Perfect for company picnics, where small talk will numb limbs and minds.

Dark thoughts erased with soft ice cream, in flavours to help you unwind.



Black, Yellow & Red

Whenever I go to my local hot dog resto I like to wear a black pleather mini with a yellow tank and a red cardi.


The skirt says I’m hot to trot, while the shoes say I forgot I broke the right heel about a year ago and now I can barely stay upright.


The wide-brimmed hat says it’s that time of year when it’s super sunny but not excessively warm, hence the cardigan which is office-appropriate enough to fill out a TPS report, while the tank top assures you I’ll do so with a sunny disposition.




Red is bright and bold, dynamic and sexy. There’s even something called the red dress effect, wherein people wearing red are perceived as more sexually attractive than when wearing other colours. Plenty of theories about why that is but red is undeniably a powerful colour. Interestingly, different cultures perceive red in various ways. In the West, it’s very much about sex and warning (like stop lights). In China, red is the colour of celebration and good luck, which makes sense because it’s so vibrant, but in South Africa red is apparently the colour of mourning, and in other African countries, red is the colour of death. I guess that’s because red is the colour of blood? Or because death is powerful? Certainly red is an aggressive colour. No wilting wallflower is going to wear red.  Red demands attention and so will you when wearing it.


For my redspiration board I photographed things under a red umbrella with natural light shining through it to give already red objects an even redder glow. This dress was purchased at Modcloth, (this is not a sponsored post) and while it’s very comfortable I find it too fancy for work so I’ve only worn it a few times, on the very rare occasions that I have somewhere to go out in the real world. I do own red shoes but I prefer this look with these royal blue booties. These two jewel tones together really pop, in my opinion.


I actually don’t have much red in my wardrobe, which is interesting because whenever I paint self-portraits I tend to choose a red colour palette. Not sure why. Perhaps in public I’m too shy to demand attention but I see my internal self as bold.