Green & Blue

Green and Blue are BFFs. They are so similar, and yet subtly different, that I even had to write an entire post about this ambiguity.


Both blue and green are calm, collected, cool-headed, intelligent, and witty. Capable of going pastel and enjoying a leisurely day at the park, or brightening things up in jewel tones and spending the night dancing at a club. Yet they are both most comfortable sitting at a tranquil but trendy cafe, while engaged in a philosophical conversation about the nature of the self. They will begin their meal with sensible salads but finish off with a delicious treat, knowing that balance is the key to a healthy and happy life.


Not only do Green and Blue socialize, they also work together on the same team. They are both willing to take a back seat, and allow the other to be dominant, yet both are equally comfortable taking a leadership position. They are also perfectly at east cooperating and are willing to share this leadership position if need be. Each one is pleased to see the other shine, and they encourage one another, making both of them stronger not just in their relationship, and at work, but in life in general.


Sometimes Green and Blue need to work late at the office but it’s always fun, because they put on some soothing music, and intermittently tell jokes, and share memes to lift their spirits. They indulge in a vegetarian pizza, and sparkling water, and make plans to have brunch on Sunday, where they will spend some time talking shop, but mostly talk about their respective spouses, Purple and Orange, who are both a handful, but they don’t speak disparagingly. They are loving colours, and want nothing more than to share this love, and allow everyone to experience the joy they both know is possible, if you simply leave yourself open to it.