2 thoughts on “Discovery S03 E08 – The Sanctuary

  1. Twice this season the show implied the way you handle stress/PTSDs is to, basically, rub some dirt in it. Maybe that’s OK for Detmer but maybe it’s even more OK to see Detmer resting up & going through a process of rest & counseling that should totally be a thing in the by now rather than reinjuring herself as Discovery insists on being the only apparent useful ship in Star Fleet. There is probably more than one ships pilot on board & oh by the way they are 900 years from TOS times & made the point of saying the ship has been upgraded to reflect that so their ship can do all the work now. They are much closer to “Calypso, a sentient ship now then they ever were before. But yeah this episode was still much better with a more balanced approach & yes I would love to learn more about the other characters. And yes please I’d like to see the adventures of “Schlemiel’ and ‘Schlimazel” in Space. I think Owosekun is great.

    Thank you for the fun take on the show.

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