2 thoughts on “Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Part One

  1. Good review so far. But… was disappointed that an entire panel was used for a weak gag about the “random dude squeaking through the closing engineering doors” to poke fun of that Next Gen “phasing ” episode I didn’t like because it was a showcase for Ensign Ro (who I NEVER liked, but that’s beside the point). All at the expense of MY favorite moment: When Spock disses Chekov upon boarding the Enterprise, asking for permission to come aboard and NOT even sticking around to say thanks or acknowledge the Russian’s existence after it’s “Granted, sir! Gran…..ted..”. As my most cherished scenes of the Original Series were watching Spock regularly diss that little goof, whether it’s over his “extremely little” joke in The Trouble With Tribbles, calling his “tricorder readings totally inefficient” in The Apple, or just plain treating him like an ignorant little bug, those were always the most fun to watch. And their first scene together in The Motion Sickness was just like the good old days.

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