2 thoughts on “Discovery S04 E13 – Coming Home

  1. What was the point of involving the legendary galactic barrier if there is nothing there they weren’t already expecting there? Aren’t you supposed to come back with more than an empty sense of my time being wasted? Why is it special now? Because without any other explanation it really isn’t anymore. It’s just a gated community of some kind and fuck those.

    By the end of the episode they’d learned to communicate with them but still calling them the 10c?
    Why? What else do we learn about them other than they, like all other intelligent life in the Star Trek universe, are quite capable of compassion? Is that a surprise? After 50+ years of stories it really really isn’t. It has been done dozens of times before with low quality CGI and a much smaller budget. Couldn’t we at least have the courtesy of asking them what they prefer to be called?

    I mean, we still -barely- know anything about the extended crew but got damn if we didn’t have more randos jammed up onto Discovery that are also barely sketched out much less a plot trope. Their personalities are basically to stand around acting as buttons to be pushed to move things along. Meanwhile we got 5 more seconds of the quite seriously utterly fascinating Owosekun from a luddite community on camera. Mind you we learn almost nothing else about her as a person other than she can fight a little. Other than that, nah!

    Speaking of which what is the GD point of having a much more diverse staff if we learn almost -nothing- about them on a regular basis. The characterizations are about as involved as anything I’ve ever seen in a church made stage drama. Everyone is nice and, while the acting is usually fine, they stammer through their lines without the benefit of feeling like they know what they are doing. Everything is “Er, funny look eye dart, stammer, I’ll see what I can do!” They have little more range than Disney characters. This ain’t Star Wars no matter how hard you try.

    For me it is a -disservice- to largely unrepresented communities to be represented as two dimensions characters. No range of emotion with the exception of smiling and general competence interchanged with determination. The show as a result is boooring AF. Boooring! If the characters are boring space will not keep me watching. Rather, will no longer keep me watching. I was ready to bail by season 2.

    So there is Strange New Worlds upon us. More opportunities for you to crack us up. Thank you for it. I hope SNW isn’t a well intended mess. At least I’ve got 2 cartoons for new content. One is meant for kids. It’s not Enterprise dearth of material so I do hope Pike and the gang can pick up the slack.

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