4 thoughts on “Picard S03 E01 – The Next Generation

  1. “Leave out Star Fleet
    Ok we’re coming on 2 Star Fleet wessels!

    Ship, then shuttle. You’d think someone would figure out how to stop a shuttle from being stolen by now.

    It probably hasn’t been 20 years to the day since they last saw her so he could well be their son. Because I couldn’t go 2 paragraphs without referencing two or three overused tropes by now. Kid’s got a British-y accent. You know that’s genetic! Spider ship emerges from the fog aaand cliffhanger! Shinzon/Scimitar. Romulan adjacent, big pointy ship. Nero/The Narada. Romulan adjacent, big pointy ship. Dare they repeat (another) trope? Again?!

    Thank you for your wonderful fun fumettis. I do look forward to them a bit more than these new shows.

  2. All the analysis is spot-on. But the “old age pains” is what saddens me the most. TNG used to be about how awesome the future could be (TNG S1E9 Crusher mentions that headaches and the common cold are things of the past). But the Picard show keeps transplanting anachronistic problems (medical, monetary, reputational, etc.).

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