4 thoughts on “Picard S03 E03 – Seventeen Seconds

  1. First of all, yes to all. And second of all aren’t the Beasties a Kelvin Universe thing? Nonetheless I like your interpretation better.

    Regular long rant short MAN Picard doesn’t even need to be this silly and bad but it is so certainly is. It is. Tis.

    Thanks again for the fun

    1. Yeah, the Beastie Boys are a Kelvin thing, but Picard follows the Kelvin rules in the sense that it’s more of an action/adventure show than proper sci-fi.

  2. How Picard and Riker would’ve handled the Battle of the Ryton Nebula if they hadn’t been dumbed down from their TNG selves —

    Seven: Sir, Jack was ambushed. He thinks it was a changeling.

    Picard: No changeling has ever harmed another. Well, except for Odo.

    Riker: Right. That means that Vadic’s not going to kill us as long as the changeling’s aboard.

    Picard: And if the changeling has a way of escape, that needs to be found as well.

    Riker: Captain Riker to security, Lock down all transporters and shuttle bays and any other possible methods a changeling can use to escape the Titan.

    Picard: We’ve secured the safety of everyone on this ship from Vadic for the time being. Let’s go hunt some goo!

    (Picard and Riker high-five)

    1. I agree the reason the Shrike is not killing them is to protect the changeling saboteur but it isn’t safe to rely on that. The baddies are a terrorist faction of the changelings. Maybe they’re so bad they even kill their own now.

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