2 thoughts on “TNG S02 E12 – The Royale

  1. Y’know, while I understand that it’s easy to dump on Gene Roddenberry as THE bad boss for the multitude of examples that make him such an obvious target, perhaps just for variety you might want to admit that other persons involved in the show during this period deserve their share of the blame for how awful things were.

    Like Maurice Hurley himself, a sycophantic opportunist who took advantage of his ailing & perpetually out-t0-lunch old geezer boss to manipulate his way into becoming THE showrunner of Season Two of NexGen Trek, while convincing geezer Gene to get rid of Gates McFadden because he (Hurley) just “didn’t like her”. And then bailed because he was so “overwhelmed” by all the problems (Writers Strike, no-one else to “help” after they were all alienated into quitting by Hurley/Roddenberry). But mostly, Hurley had the gall to claim that HIS proudest achievement was “creating” The Borg, which was a Goddamn RIP-OFF of The Cybermen from Doctor Who. What a sick joke.
    And how nobody has ever called him out for this chicanery is a mystery I will never understand.

    1. Once one starts to do a bit of research, one discovers that ALL producers of old Trek were pieces of shit. In fact, all producers of all shows seem to fall into that camp. I guess it’s a job that attracts the type of people who are power hungry, and then the power corrupts them all the more. I tend to pick on Roddenberry the most because he is still, STILL, worshipped by many, while most people haven’t even heard of Hurley.

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