4 thoughts on “Discovery S03 E05 – Die Trying

  1. Admiral Vance: Commander Burnham, even though we have now confirmed Discovery has the only viable propulsion system to rebuild the Federation post-Burn and we have yet to replicate the spore drive, I will agree to your request for otherwise hopelessly tech-outdated Discovery and her crew to be sent out on dangerous missions where the drive has a high probability of being lost, all to indulge your crew’s inflated sense of self importance. Try not to get blown up, ok?

  2. Doesn’t say a word about ordering Kid Trill away. Gets -furious- when he refuses to let them, an unknown quantity, endanger their crew & ship by sending a 900 year old ship into an unknown situation. You mean year 3000 Star Fleet doesn’t have any other newer tech that could help or could have sent on Discovery to help? Or don’t work with the new paradigm like a team but go off adventuring because? Moxie! That’s the ticket!

    And why in 3 seasons is everyone an obstructionist dick except for everyone on Discovery? When did this happen? Let Burnham be happy with her new space friend, focus on the fun trio of Saru, Tilly & Emperor Phillipa and/or Jett Reno. I like aspects but man this show is all over the place.

    Thank you for bringing the fun tho. As usual. You are good people, I think.

    1. I mean, to be fair, Starfleet’s always been all over the place. IF my rewatch of TOS has taught me anything it’s that the only thing consistent about Trek is that corruption and incompetence have always been present in the Federation. But yeah, I get where you’re coming from.

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