Purple & Green

If Purple represents royalty and elitism, and green represents envy and wealth, then it’s no wonder purple and green have become so well known as a villainous colour combination. Just as the primary colours of red and blue evoke the idea of Superman, the secondary colours of purple and green evoke the Joker. Even the Hulk, who is technically a good guy, is violent and out of control when he turns green. Green is usually a calming colour but I guess those ripped up purple shorts really set him off.


Purple and Green look good together but they are a contentious couple. They are both on the cool end of the spectrum, but Purple also contains passion and can be volatile. Green, typically serene and self-possessed, finds herself irritated by Purple’s snobby demeanor. Still, they are a striking pair, and as with Blue and Purple, as long as one of them is willing to tone it down and be pastel, they are sure to turn heads.


Arm in arm, they go to a fundraising gala together. They are both charitably minded, though Purple does it more for prestige and Green is in it for the tax break. It is a black tie ball, and they are in a floor length gown, and a smart tuxedo. They spend the bulk of the night on the dance floor, with breaks for elegantly sipping champagne as they hobnob with other jet-setters who are there to see and be seen. They bid on some silent auction items, and win a bejeweled necklace. Green is uncomfortable with this since she can’t be sure if the jewels are conflict-free, but Purple doesn’t care and she looks forward to wearing it on her next night out. As the evening winds down, they finally head home, give one another an air kiss and retire to separate bedrooms.



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